Welcome To The Music Business…You’re Fucked


There’s so much more to Martin’s e-book.  Merchandising, where you should tour, how to tour, and, most importantly, how to “un-fuck” yourself.  As I read, my mind filled with images of how I’ve fucked myself in the past, and, on the productive side, how to not fuck myself in the future.

Though this e-book is a wonderful thing in and of itself, I would highly recommend buying and reading “Tour: Smart” first.  “Welcome To The Music Business…You’re Fucked” is the distilled version of “Tour: Smart” that summarizes the main ideas in an extremely entertaining way.  Martin’s wit and straight-forward way of addressing issues makes this a great buy even if you are not in a band.  For $9.99 (two or three drinks at a bar), you have a great guide that you should force even your illiterate drummer to read.

05.09.2012 Matt Hoyle Books, Digital Art, Music matthoyle.com/